Parents information

The Strathmore Career Development Services office helps students:

  • Explore and make career choices.
  • Search for internships.
  • Look for jobs after graduation.

How You Can Help Your Son or Daughter:

In the student career survey most of the students said that their parents have
an 80% influence on their career choices. You can help your child by asking
them to visit the office and attend events organised by the careers development
services office.

Parents of First Year Students:

  • Support your child’s career exploration by encouraging them to speak to
    family friends and colleagues in different fields.
  • Talk to them about your own career experience.
  • If your son or daughter asks, be willing to give them feedback about their
    skills and abilities
  • Encourage your student to engage in campus life by joining a club to develop
    their talents

Parents of Second and Third Year Students:

  • Help your son or daughter get a holiday job or internships to acquire skills and experience.
  • To assist your son or daughter get the above opportunities, introduce them to family
    friends and colleagues.

Parents of Fourth year Students:

  • Encourage your soon-to-graduate child to attend the Career development programs targeting fourth years.
  • If your son or daughter is interested in pursuing a post graduate degree, this is the year
    to research, explore programs, learn about the application process  and, plan financing.
  • Encourage your son or daughter to attend Career Fairs because many companies recruit at Career Fairs.
  • Remind them to use resources at Career Development services to help them find a job.