Mock Interview Registration

 Thank you for showing interest in participating in a mock interview during our 14th Annual Career Fair. The idea is to give Strathmore students and alumni a feel of a real interview scenario/session where the candidate will meet a real recruiter for an entry level job based on qualifications from our industry partners. The goal is to help our candidates hone their interview skills as they navigate their careers and professional growth.

Mock Interview Sessions – We will have two categories of interviews happening simultaneously;

  1. A face to face interview – this will take 15 – 20min and will be facilitated by different companies.
  2. An information session for case study based interviews – for candidates from Strathmore Institute of Mathematical studies (SIMS), formerly SFAE for an entry level job. McKinsey &Co and Open Capital will facilitate the sessions. This will take 30 – 40min.

Additionally, there will be a feedback session on your interview performance at 2.30pm – 3.30pm at the University main Auditorium. All candidates that will have participated in mock interview will be required to attend the feedback session.

If interested, kindly send us your updated CV to quoting “Mock Interview participation” and on the mail body specify which of the two mock interview sessions you would like to participate but not both.

Your CV must capture the following items;

  • Contact details ( Name, box number, email address and telephone)
  • Career objectives or professional profile (if you have one)
  • Educational background – in reverse chronological order. (University, high school and any professional course)
  • Work Experience – in reverse chronological order
  • Achievements
  • Skills acquired
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Leadership positions held
  • Hobbies and Interest
  • Referees – only three referees

All shortlisted candidates will be communicated to by the office for further directions.

Thank you and all the best!