SU Career Ambassadors (CA) Program

Strathmore University Career Development Services


The Career Ambassadors (CA)Program brings together Strathmore University students from all faculties to be Liaison persons between students, faculty and the CDS office. The overall goal is to: Raise awareness of CDS activities and services among the CDS stakeholders, to mobilizing students and alumni to participate in CDS events, programs and initiatives, to provide office operational/administrative support and empowering the students to be effective peer mentors as they build their professional portfolio.

The Duration.

The programs runs for two calendar years (January- December) hence the candidates must be available for engagement during this time and should be undergraduate student in their 2nd or 3rd year of study.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Event Organizing
  • To provide general support in planning and coordinating all CDS events.
  • Assist in full cycle events management: Pre-events logistics (mobilization, planning etc), on-site logistics (ushering, registration, refreshments, MC, feedback forms etc) and post events logistics and reviews.


  1. Creating awareness (Outreach) and Social Media Marketing
  • Conducting planned outreach activities to student groups (classes, social media groups, clubs etc) and faculties to create and increase CDS awareness on programs, activities and services.
  • Assist in driving and increasing CDS online presence in all social media platforms following the SU Social Media policy
  • Conducting effective social media marketing/drives and mobilization for all CDS events and activities
  • Assist in distribution of promotional materials such as bulletins, flyers, posters, E-posters etc both physically and online.
  • Work with the relevant CDS staff to design custom-made e-posters and any promotional materials.
  1. Content Generation and publication
  • Assist in generating career related content, periodic blog posts, events reports and synopses to share on the CDS website and social media platforms.
  • Work closely with the relevant staff to have custom-made and students friendly publications such as students handbook, career guides, success stories etc
  • Working with the social media team to deliver relevant materials, online updates and write ups for stakeholders’ engagement.
  1. Liaison and Administrative support
  • Act as a student liaison in collaboration with CDS staff to coordinate outreach to the various Schools and Faculties
  • Assist in conducting and/or analyzing surveys on the impact of CDS services to the students, events feedback, graduate destination surveys etc
  • General administrative delegated assignments
  • Data entry
  • Participate in necessary training sessions
  • Referring students to appropriate departments, staff, and resources

Qualifications and Requirements.

  • Must possess and show interest in event organizing, social media and digital marketing, digital design, writing, administrative support and working with professionals.
  • Required to work when needed by the CDS office and staff sponsored events and programs but without interfering with candidates’ academic programs.
  • Must possess and maintain a cumulative GPA of a 3.0
  • Must be in good academic and judicial standing with the university
  • Must be able and willing to keep information private and sign a confidentiality agreement
  • Must possess a positive attitude and an ability to work well with people from all backgrounds
  • Must be an undergraduate student in 2nd or 3rd year
  • Must be available for engagement for 2 calendar years (January- December)

Program Benefits:

  1. Work with career development trainers in a student friendly environment.
  2. Corporate visits and Job Shadowing opportunities to build your professional portfolio as you network with industry players.
  3. Opportunity to be trained on Professional Development Skills that prepares you for the world of work.
  4. Learn more about the career development , recruitment trends among millennial and employment needs for 21st century recruiters.
  5. Gain familiarity with CDS programs and services
  6. Provides intrinsic satisfaction (makes you feel good) by helping fellow peers with their career related issues/needs
  7. Work with a dynamic, energetic, fun, techno-savvy peers that will challenge, support and enhance your interpersonal, team and professional skills.
  8. Become a brand ambassador for top employer brands working with Strathmore University.

Application Requirements and Deadline Information:

All interested applicants to apply via this link any queries/concerns/questions to be forwarded to with the Email subject being: Career Ambassador Application by Thursday 14th September 2017.